April 2, 2012

A bump in the road and an (almost) destroyed iPhone 4S

Here’s another war story for the books:

Our customer, Adriaan, got a little lost while riding his motorbike on his way to visit his brother in Middleburg. He took out his iPhone 4S while still riding and used his GPS app to help him find his way.

Even though he was riding slowly, he was distracted by the GPS and didn’t notice a huge speed bump that was ahead of him. He hit it with such force that the iPhone flew out of his hand and the front and rear lights broke their mountings and fell out, dangling by their wire. Adriaan managed to regain control of the bike but still ended up with some bruises.

Adriaan later found out that this speed bump is notorious in the area and even the taxis drive through the bush on the side of the road to avoid it.

He went back and found his phone lying in the road, smashed to pieces but still working. Both his screen and his back cover were smashed and his metal midframe was bent. Out of the hundreds of iPhone 4 and 4S phones we have repaired, this is only the second time we have seen a bent midframe. It takes an incredible amount of force to bend one of these iPhones.

Here are some photos of the destruction:

Apple iPhone 4S Smashed screen and back cover - Needs screen and back cover repair

Apple iPhone 4S Front Screen Smashed - Needs screen and back cover repair

Adriaan contacted us as soon as he got back to Johannesburg and we sent a technician out to see him. The damage was extensive but within 40 minutes we had his stunning white iPhone 4S back in perfect working order.

It’s always exciting for us when we are able to assist a client in a situation where they had no hope of fixing their phone. As usual, we gave a decent discount for repairing multiple problems at the same time.

April 2, 2012