Cracked iPhone screen?
We offer two excellent options for repairing your iPhone screen: original Apple screens, and generic screens. We are an approved Apple parts supplier.
You get many different grades of generic screens but we only use the best ones available so your phone will feel and work perfectly after the replacement.

Our generic screens come in at least 40% cheaper than the originals. The downside is that on the iPhone 11 and newer, your iPhone will show an error on the screen (saying it cannot confirm if the screen is original) for two weeks, and then this error will disappear on your lock screen but will show in Settings. Check here for more detailed info about this.

The big advantage is you can save thousands of Rands if this doesn’t bother you. If it bothers you, then the original is a great choice.
We can also replace your iPhone’s back casing if that is damaged.
iPhone 6N/AR579.00
iPhone 6 PlusN/AR779.00
iPhone 6sN/AR579.00
iPhone 6s PlusN/AR779.00
iPhone 7N/AR879.00
iPhone 7 PlusN/AR1,549.00
iPhone 8N/AR1,279.00
iPhone 8 PlusN/AR1,899.00
iPhone SE 2020N/AR1,279.00
iPhone XR7,499.00R2,799.00
iPhone XRR5,299.00R2,299.00
iPhone XSR7,499.00R2,799.00
iPhone XS MaxR8,899.00R3,299.00
iPhone 11R4,999.00R2,799.00
iPhone 11 ProR6,999.00R3,799.00
iPhone 11 Pro MaxR7,999.00R3,999.00
iPhone SE 2022R3,499.00R1,799.00
iPhone 12 MiniR5,599.00R3,299.00
iPhone 12R6,499.00R3,499.00
iPhone 12 ProR6,499.00R3,499.00
iPhone 12 Pro MaxR7,499.00R4,499.00
iPhone 13 MiniR5,999.00R3,299.00
iPhone 13R6,999.00R3,829.00