About Us

Who We Are

Platinum Repairs was born in 2011, out of the boot of our founder’s car. He couldn’t afford to open a shop, so he started the business by going out to clients and repairing their phones at their home or office. 

From the start, there was a fanatical focus on customer service and we believe that key element is what has helped us grow to what we are today. 

Platinum Repairs now has over 30 staff members and is privileged to serve as a major, or sole, repair partner for many of South Africa’s leading insurance companies. 

Our company is one of the longest-standing repair companies in South Africa and our reputation allows us to attract the best talent in technicians and administrators.

What We Stand For

We believe in treating others as we want to be treated. This means that while we might not always get it right, our team is always trying to find ways to make the entire client experience a real pleasure. 


There’s an entrepreneurial spirit in the company that helps us continually improve in all areas of the business. We believe that continual improvement is the only way forward.


We also believe strongly in helping the community around us. For many years, we have supported a variety of initiatives: helping the disabled with technology, feeding the hungry, entrepreneurial skills development in impoverished areas, childhood education for the marginalised and the successful re-integration of recovered addicts into society. 

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Who We Work For

Our company has been built to provide a specialist service to the insurance industry. This industry demands only the best in service and in quality of parts. That’s why we are such a good fit for these companies. This has also helped us become the preferred repair partner for many of SA’s corporate companies.


Anyone can grab a screwdriver and start a repair business, but it takes a passionate, focused team of specialists to deliver on the needs of SA’s biggest companies, and their discerning clients. 


We also serve a loyal client base of individuals who expect only the best service and parts in SA.