March 23, 2017

Lifetime Warranty on Screen Replacements

First published: 2 Jan 2015

Last updated: 23 March 2017

We’ve got you covered.

It’s a well-known fact that Platinum Repairs offers the best quality replacement Apple iPhone and iPad parts available in South Africa.

To prove that we stand by the quality of our parts, as of the 2nd of Jan 2015, all original iPhone and iPad screen replacements will come with a lifetime warranty.

This warranty is the same as the 12 month warranty that we have always offered – it’s just much longer and will cover you for as long as you own your iPhone or iPad. The warranty covers workmanship and manufacturing defects. It does not cover physical or liquid damage.

The T’s and C’s are very simple: If a repair was done on-site, and you have a problem with the screen within 12 months of the repair, we will send a technician out to you to replace it, free of charge. If it is after 12 months, the device will need to be brought in to our store, where the device will be repaired free of charge. Your original invoice (or a digital copy) will be needed for warranty claims, so please keep it in a safe place or save it in Dropbox or a similar service.


For most iPhone and iPad screen repairs, we offer a range of prices, with different warranty periods. We offer Budget, Premium and Real Deal options.

Budget: A high quality replacement iPhone screen, with a high quality LCD and a frame that is attached through a cold glue process. Even though this is our budget option, the screens we use are far better than the screens most repair centres in SA use. The screens typically used are from a particular brand in China that produces copy iPhone screens that have very low quality LCD’s, with glass that does not have the oleophobic (anti-oil) layer that all iPhone screens should have. The frames are also stuck on with a hot glue process, which is a cheaper method of attaching the frame to the screen, but almost always results in the glass lifting from the frame in hot weather – which is a major problem in South Africa.

Premium and Real Deal: For both of these options, we use an original quality LCD, that has the right colours, pixels and frame that match the original screen that was on your phone. We import screens via a specialist sourcing agent in China and our screens are tested three times before being sent out to us. This raises our costs, but we believe it is worth it. With any products, there is always a failure rate but we try our best to keep our failure rate as low as possible.

The original quality screens we import cost up to three times the cost of the cheap generic screens used commonly in SA. We’ve been using these top level screens for 5 years and are not going to waver. Our budget screens usually cost us around 25% more than the bad quality equivalents.

March 23, 2017