June 23, 2016

A Safe Way To Sell Your Used Or Broken Smartphone Or Tablet

Do you have old used or broken devices lying around, or do you have an upgrade coming up?

We find most of our clients leave their devices lying in a drawer somewhere once they are done using them. They could sell them on Gumtree/OLX/Junkmail, etc. but don’t have the time or energy to deal with all the scammers that have overwhelmed those sites. We love their tagline: “Keep Scammers Skinny” – they are passionate about destroying the thriving scammer economy in SA.

We’ve found a fantastic way to turn these devices in to cash: sell them to a group of niche online buying sites. We’ve been working with these guys for almost two years and their service has been excellent. They will give you a price for your device, in real time, on their site, and will send a courier to your place of choice and collect your device. Once they receive it, they will test it and pay you by EFT within hours.

We’ve heard reports of them even paying more than initially offered, if the device is in a better-than-expected condition. They even buy broken devices. So, if you’ve got a broken phone or Tab that you either don’t want to, or can’t afford to fix, they can buy it from you and they will fix and resell it. They will also buy new, sealed devices, so if you’d rather have cash than your contract upgrade, they can help you out.

So far they have launched two niche sites: (iPhones only) and (Samsung smartphones and tablets)

They are planning on launching other sites soon but in the mean time, if you have a phone, tablet, Apple Watch or laptop to sell that isn’t listed on their site, just email the details to [email protected] and they will make you an offer.

It’s like trading in a car – you will get a bit less, because they need to resell the product, but it’s an easy and safe way to get cash for your devices. Just think of the time saving compared to selling via a classified website – never mind the cost of being scammed or worse, when meeting random buyers.

If you are looking to buy a new or used device, check out It’s run by the same guys, and they offer a safe way for you to get a deal, and they offer free courier delivery to all major cities in SA. You can pay by EFT, cash deposit, credit or debit card, or you can finance it via the deal they have set up with

EpicDeals - Buy Used Phones and Tablets in South Africa

June 23, 2016