Clearance Stock

We occasionally need to clear out excess stock, and any stock that has imperfections. 

This stock can be sold as just a part (to repair centres or hobbyists doing their own repairs) or as a repair, where we do the repair for you. 

All of the parts below can be bought at a discount. 

We have two types of clearance stock for sale:

Excess: These parts are brand new and are either for older models which we don’t often repair anymore, or items we have in excess.

If you need a repair using one of the available new parts, please contact us with a reasonable offer for the part only, or the part and the repair. 

B Grade: These parts are ones that didn’t match up to our exacting criteria and we can’t use for our normal repairs. They may have light scratches or blemishes. Please see the notes on each part for more detail. The prices are displayed for a repair using these parts. If you want to buy the part alone, please contact us and we can work out a good price for you. 

Please quote the serial number displayed when referring to these B Grade parts.

Excess Stock (New, with three month warranty)

B Grade Stock (Has imperfections, three month warranty)