March 16, 2012

Apple & Cream... A Recipe for Disaster?

We regularly come across new and exceptional ways that our clients come up with to try kill an iPhone but this story takes the proverbial cake.

Our client went on holiday with friends and one night while making some delicious supper, someone opened a pressurized bottle of cream which exploded all over the kitchen. In the aftermath our client didn’t notice that the some cream had sprayed onto her iPhone 4 that was sitting on the counter.

After cleaning the mess up up, all went well until our client tried to charge her phone the following day. It simply wouldn’t charge. The iPhone 4 was still under warranty so she took it to her big “Yellow” service provider. As expected, they kept the phone for weeks and returned it saying it was liquid damaged and “Beyond Economical Repair” (That’s their favourite way of saying “We have no idea how to fix an iPhone. Please buy another one”) and that they could replace it for R5,700. Needless to say, our client walked away in disbelief that such a simple accident would cost her so much time and money and cause such frustration.

Thankfully, as a last-ditch attempt, she called us up and asked us to see if we could help in any way to repair her beloved iPhone 4. Our technician visited her within 24 hours of her contacting us and got busy taking her phone to pieces. He found where the cream got into the phone and replaced the affected part. (He said the cream was a little stale but still delicious…).

Within 30 minutes of arrival, our champion had the iPhone 4 working perfectly again. Total cost? R800, including the call-out.

It’s really rewarding for us to be able to serve customers like this and help them out when they think all hope is lost.

So far, some of the more exceptional “liquid damaged” iPhones that we have repaired have been ones that have fallen into hand cream, molten chocolate and a cup of coffee. We even repaired one iPhone 4 that was full of baby oil and the client couldn’t (or wouldn’t) explain how that happened…

March 16, 2012