February 3, 2012

Why people love our service.

We regularly get told that our service is awesome. For those of you that don’t know why, this comparison will explain everything:

The “Other Repair Guys”

Activity Your Time taken: 
Drive out to repair centre / or the guys house (and hope they are not in a dodgy area) 30 min
Find the place, fight for parking, walk inside, hope to be served soon. 5 min
Fill out a form to book your device in, then watch as your device disappears into the back, to be worked on by someone you have never seen or met. Hope they are not on lunch break. 5 min
Listen to the grumpy mutterings coming from the workshop as the technicians find out they have more work to do. Find a well used, pre-warmed, seat to sit on while you wait. You suddenly hope they are not using repair parts that they bought from China Mall for R4.50 that came wrapped in toilet paper. (Yes, seriously, that’s how they are packaged) 2 min
Hope that your iPhone or iPad isn’t too far along in the repair queue and that it will be seen to soon. Wait aimlessly while being told it will be ready “soon” every fifteen minutes. 60 min
Finally it reappears, you check it and notice the screen doesn’t sit flush. Send it back. Wait patiently while they super glue your screen down. 15 min
It comes back again, looking a bit better. Wait while they try figure out the invoice system and run to the back to find paper for the printer. You eventually pay, take your device, find the car, pay the car guard and drive home. 40 min
TOTAL OF YOUR TIME TAKEN: 2 hours, 37 minutes 

*Keep in mind that this is for an iPhone repair – most places will have to keep your iPad overnight in order to repair a cracked screen.


Platinum Repairs – On-site iPhone and iPad Repair

Activity Your Time taken: 
We drive out to you, find your office or home. If an office, we sweet talk your secretary into letting us in. They call you and tell you that the “iPhone repair guys are here”. You tell them to send us through. 0 min
You meet us, tell us what needs to be fixed and show us the desk where we can “do our thing”. You carry on doing your own important work. We whip out our tool box filled with specialist tools and original Apple repair parts, and get to work. 2 min
We fix your iPhone or iPad and our admin department emails you an invoice. We then proudly present your repaired iDevice to you, all restored and shiny, and you admire the quality of the repair. You pay us with a big smile on your face. We thank you, because we appreciate your business. We leave and drive to the next lucky client, fighting the traffic that you don’t have to. 4 min

February 3, 2012