January 5, 2012

Dropped it again? We feel your pain.

It seems that some customers are just not having a great time with their iPhone and it’s shiny glass screen. We fix their cracked iPhone screen and within a few weeks (sometimes even a few days), they call us with the bad news that they have dropped the iPhone again, and they need us to come through and fix it, again.

While we are happy to help with the repair, we do feel your pain and understand how frustrating this can be. As a result, we have a policy of giving repeat customers an automatic 10% discount if we need to carry out the same repair on the same phone.

While we know it still hurts to have to repair you iPhone again, we aim to make the experience as pleasant and fast as possible. A large portion of our business comes from repeat customers and direct referrals, which is exciting for us as it shows that our customers are happy with our service.

Even if we didn’t repair your phone the first time, if you can show proof that the iPhone has had the same repair carried out before, we’ll still give you the 10% discount. Please remember to mention this to any friends or family that have iPhones.

You can click here to see our iPhone repair pricing.

iPhone 4 screen repair and replacement

January 5, 2012