July 6, 2012

iPad Mini Me Coming Later This Year?

The following is a very short guest post from Rob of He is an Apple specialist and does Apple training for some of our customers. He also supplies new and used Apple products.

Platinum Repairs does iPhone repairs and iPad repairs for Rob’s clients – there is a lot of synergy between the two companies. If you are in need of Apple training or looking to buy new or used iPads, iPhones, Macbooks or iMacs you can contact Rob at [email protected]


We’ve all watched Austin Powers & seen the miniature version of Dr. Evil (pinkie raised to evil grin & cue sinister laugh). Well there be rumors that over that there hill in October Apple will be launching a 7.85 ” cheaper version of the iPad!

This will definitely be interesting & will shake the tablet market up if it happens. Watch out Samsung!

Go here for more details.


July 6, 2012