September 4, 2012

iPhone 5 for sale for $5 in China

We wish…

However, iPhone 5 mockups have recently been seen for sale in Chinese markets with prices ranging from $5 to $32.

These mockups are not just rubbish iPhone 4S copies with “iPhone 5” printed on the back, they are actually a culmination of all the iPhone 5 rumours and leaks that have been around for the past few month.

These mockups have the following features that are expected to be true to the iPhone 5 that will be announced on the 12 Sep 2012. (Next week Wednesday!)

  • Two-tone back cover. This time it’sĀ aluminium, not glass. No more broken back covers!
  • 9mm stereo headphone jack that has been relocated to the bottom of the phone
  • Smaller charging and syncing dock. It looks like it’s going to be another “Apple only” connection.
  • Elongated 4″ LCD display
  • Redesigned speaker grilles at the bottom of the phone
  • The whole phone seems to be longer than the iPhone 4 and 4S

I have no idea who would buy something like this because in the end, you are paying for something that doesn’t do a thing, other than look pretty! They are empty shells with no working parts.

Check out the pics:

Apple iPhone 5 - Chinese Mockup Front

Apple iPhone 5 - Chinese Mockup
Is this what the iPhone 5 will look like?


September 4, 2012