August 30, 2012

iPhone 5: Nano Sim Confirmed

We recently received confirmation from our iPhone repair parts supplier that the iPhone 5 is going to use an even smaller sim card – dubbed the Nano Sim.

Just when we thought sim cards couldn’t get any smaller, with the micro sim that the iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 1 and iPad 2 use, Apple did it again. We love the way Apple thinks – why waste space that could rather be used to squeeze even more awesomeness into the next iPhone?

It’s amusing to think back to when cellphones first came out. They had those massive credit card sized sim cards and most of us thought that cellphones could never get much smaller because the size of that card was the limiting factor.

We can’t wait for the announcement of the iPhone 5. It’s expected to happen within two weeks which should mean South African’s will be able to get hold of them locally before Christmas.

As usual, we will do our level best to be the first iPhone repair company in South Africa to offer repairs on the iPhone 5. Part prices are always very high when a new phone is released, and they become cheaper over time. We don’t care though – we would rather pay twice the price for the parts but have the privilege of being able to help anyone with the misfortune of having to repair their new iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 5 Nano Sim
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August 30, 2012