August 18, 2013

We Now Officially Do Samsung Repairs

We have been “unofficially” repairing Samsung products for the past few months and are now ready to publicly launch the service. Here are the details:

Samsung Galaxy Screen Repairs

Platinum Repairs started off as a niche “Apple only” repair company. We believe that if you do something, you should do it well. We don’t want to fit into the category of the little phone shop down the road that repairs “everything” but does nothing properly.

As our reputation has grown, people have literally begged us to repair Samsung devices. They said that there is no decent repair centre offering a Samsung repair service and obviously, they can’t find anyone that offers our famous on-site service.

Following our strategy of only doing things well, we have slowly started repairing the popular Samsung mobile devices, learning carefully as we go along. We currently offer screen repairs for these devices: Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4. 

Only original Samsung parts are used and we offer a 12 month warranty on all of our repairs, like any respectable repair centre should. It’s just not right to spend so much money on repairing a device and then have it function at anything less than 100%. A touchscreen phone with a unresponsive screen is guaranteed to make you want to throw it against a wall.

As with our Apple repairs, we compete on quality and service and every valued client is treated like royalty.

Please contact us should you need any further information or if you would like to book your repair.

Samsung Galaxy S3 with a Cracked Screen

August 18, 2013