October 6, 2014

Live eBay auction: A prototype iPhone 6 with bids of over R1,000,000!

How much would you pay to buy an iPhone 6 prototype that no one outside of Apple is supposed to have?

Check out this live auction, with verified eBay users bidding over R1 million for a pre-production phone!

This phone is running a full developer version of iOS – it isn’t running the normal iOS 8. It also has a red charging dock which is something that Apple uses on their pre-production test units.

The owner says he was supposed to get a normal iPhone 6, but this is what he found instead. Now it is selling for over R1,000,000! That’s like winning a lottery without even buying a ticket.

Check out the auction here.


iPhone 6 Prototype selling for over R1mil on eBay

iPhone 6 Prototype selling for over R1mil on eBay. It’s a pre-production model that no one is supposed to have their hands on.

October 6, 2014