September 28, 2014

The Best iOS 8 Keyboards available for your use now!

iOS 8 arrived with many significant new features. One of the most exciting new features is that it allows you to use third party keyboards. Android users have enjoyed this functionality for a long time already but finally iPhone and iPad users can enjoy these keyboards as well.

Below are a few keyboards now downloadable from the iTunes store:

SwiftKey Keyboard (Free)

Swiftkey Keyboards teaches you how to type and identifies the language you use and can eventually predict what you intend to say. This is also free for the Android edition. We have tried SwiftKey but found it to be a bit buggy and it take up a lot of the screen.

Swype (R11.99)

Enjoyed and recommended by many people, Swype is now available with its “flow” typing system.

Fleksy (R11.99)

As an alternative to Swiftkey there is also Flesky which offers similar features downloadable for an additional one Dollar in app purchase. Consider also the themes bundle and a clear interface which has long been enjoyed by users.

TextExpander 3 (R59.99)

We love the Text Expander app for Mac – it saves us hours every week. This is the iPhone version of the app. With its option to create near shortcuts of longer phases it diminishes the amount of time needed for you to type out long messages.

Minuum (R24.99)

Minuum allows you to minimize the keyboard, allowing you to preserve your display of real estate looking at actual content.

TouchPal (Free)

TouchPal identifies your writing style and makes your typing experience a lot more enjoyable.

Kuaiboard (R24.99)

Kuaiboard is an app that creates shortcuts allowing you to insert a flood of texts into a document or message by keying in certain smaller phrases, in a similar way to Text Expander. It is configurable and rather should be considered as an extension to your current set-up as opposed to an outright replacement.