July 15, 2013

Leaked: The Rumoured Budget iPhone

For many months there have been rumours flying around about a “budget” iPhone that Apple would use to break into large yet relatively low income markets, such as those in China. The budget version would bring an affordable iPhone within reach of consumers that previously could only afford basic cellphones.

It now seems that these rumours might have been on the money – a Chinese blog has recently released supposedly leaked high-res photos of Apple’s purported budget iPhone. (See photos below)

While it might only be a 3rd party mockup, it does look pretty good and has all the usual Apple design features. Its design is minimalistic and impressed overall and the back cover looks and feels like a quality housing – not like the plastic back covers of the premium Samsung Galaxy series. Even the brand new Galaxy S4 back cover feels like it could have been found in a lucky packet.

From what we can see in the photos of the budget phone, the screen looks very much like an iPhone 5 screen however we would be surprised if it was the same screen because the replacement cost of that screen alone would be more than a mid-range cellphone. If Apple somehow manage to release this phone with such an expensive screen, it would not be viable for low income consumers to purchase the phone as they wouldn’t be able to afford to repair it.

All we can do now is just wait and see. Apple always have a good plan and we can’t wait to see if they actually release a cheaper iPhone.

The web is currently buzzing about the iWatch and there have been consistent rumours that Steve Jobs was working on an Apple TV long before his death. Insiders say Steve left Apple with a legacy of products to work on long after he passed away.

Via Techdy.comThe Rumoured Budget Apple iPhone

Front screen of budget iPhone


July 15, 2013