May 7, 2013

Our fleet is growing: Two New Hyundai i10’s Have Arrived

Two weeks ago we took delivery of two brand new Hyundai i10’s! You might remember that our Chevy Spark was in an accident – one of the i10’s is to replace the Spark and the other one is for our new technician, Phillip. Our Spark was a write-off and thanks to our awesome insurance company, TuffStuff, we were paid out quickly and were able to buy a replacement vehicle. Initially,¬†TuffStuff only insured our director’s 4×4 (Tuffstuff offer unbeatable offroad insurance) but they eventually took over our entire business policy as well and we have had nothing short of exceptional service from them.

The i10’s are automatic (our guys are on the road all day) and are going to look fantastic once they are branded. Before purchasing, we investigated every car in this category and found that the i10’s had the best build quality and guarantees and are surprisingly nippy for small automatic cars.

We bought them from Hyundai Cresta and received excellent service from them. We hope to be buying more in the near future as the business keeps growing at a rapid pace.

It is this continual reinvestment into tools, vehicles and staff that is helping our business enjoy more than 100% growth year on year. By employing the best possible staff, we bypass most of the service issues that plague our competitors. Our staff members all have an innate drive to perform beyond expected levels, are able to problem solve on the go and they are all dedicated to customer satisfaction Рeven when things go wrong. Reliable staff, tool and parts cost a premium but the return on investment is exceptional. Thank you to all of our loyal customers that have made this possible. We love you guys!

Platinum Repairs gets new vehicles

Hyundia i10's

May 7, 2013