April 30, 2012

A New iPad 2 Screen Repair Record Has Been Set

Nearly two months ago we announced our technician’s record of repairing a cracked iPad 2 screen in 35 minutes.

This was an outstanding achievement considering we are the only iPad repair company that offers on-site service in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Other repair companies expect you to leave your expensive device in their hands at least overnight, sometimes for a few days. Obviously customers are not comfortable with a technician (or anyone else who is nearby) being able to browse through family photos, personal and business emails and iMessages at their leisure.

The iPad and iPhone have become an integral part of peoples lives and we aim to reduce your down-time to an absolute minimum, without compromising the quality of the repair, or the safely and privacy of your data. We only use the highest quality Apple parts and our technicians are well trained and have a natural talent for doing this kind of intricate work.

Our head technician has now achieved a personal best time of 25 minutes for an iPad 2 screen replacement, from start to finish, including the thorough testing we carry out  after each iPhone repair or iPad repair. This is an astonishing achievement and although it was a speedy iPad 2 repair, the quality of the repair was top-notch, as always.

Apple iPad Screen Repair Record - Johannesburg and Pretoria

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