February 3, 2012

New iPad Screen Repair Record – 35 minutes!

We are proud to announce that our head technician, Emwee, just set a new on-site iPad 2  screen/glass repair record for Platinum Repairs.

This Wednesday, our record-breaking technician went out to our client’s office park in Craighall to repair the cracked iPad 2 screen. The screen was badly smashed and this made the repair take a little longer than it could have, as all the tiny pieces of glass had to be cleaned out of the iPad and the LCD had to be kept clear of glass shards, scratches and fingerprints.

Emwee set to work and without rushing he managed to get it fully repaired in only 35 minutes! That is faster than it takes most places to repair an iPhone screen, which is a far easier repair than an iPad screen. We are very impressed that he managed to repair the iPad so quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the workmanship that we as a company pride ourselves in.

iPad 2 Screen Replacement, Johannesburg

Update: The record has been broken. Click here for the latest iPad 2 screen repair record.