April 30, 2012

Taxi! I’ve got an iPhone to repair.

At Platinum Repairs we only employ the best people we can. We don’t employ low-level, under-paid technicians to repair your R3,000 to R8,000 Apple iPhone or iPad. That just wouldn’t make sense.

Recently we had an excellent example of why this works for us, as well as for our clients.

Our technician had taken his car into a workshop for a minor service and was promised it would be ready by 11am. We know things don’t always go to plan, so we only booked mobile repairs for our technician from 12pm onwards. When it passed 11.30am and the car still wasn’t ready, our technician didn’t just give up and resign to the fact that the situation was out of his control and that the 12pm customer would just have to wait for his iPhone screen repair.

Instead, he showed the initiative we admire and encourage in all of our staff – he simply got on the phone and ordered a cab to pick him up from the workshop and take him to the customer. He completed the iPhone 4 screen replacement in under 30 minutes and called the cab to pick him up again. He paid the cab with petty cash and then let us know that us everything was sorted.

We are proud of him because this is the kind of customer service we strive for at Platinum Repairs. Even if it costs a few hundred Rands to hire a cab to get to a client in an emergency, we’ll go all out to serve our clients well.

Here’s a photo of the cab (our emergency iPhone repair / iPad repair transport):

The cab used to help us get to our customer to repair his iPhone 4 screen in Johannesburg.