iPhone repair

Is The Matrix Taking Over Your iPhone?

This is certainly not something you want to see appearing on your iPhone display: [NAND]_FindFlashMediaAndKeepout:601 physical nand block offset 1 [NAND] start:356 this 0x90d30400 PROVIDER=090d19f00 flashmedia=0x90d19f00 [NAND] WMR_Start: 149 Apple PPN NAND Driver, Read/Write [NAND] WMR_Start:174 FTL_Init [OK] [NAND] WMR_Open:371 VFL_Open [OK] [NAND] s_cxt_boot:88 sftl: error, unclean shutdown; adopted 7900 […]

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How to Share Your iPhone’s Internet Connection (The proper way)

For many years the iPhone has had the ability to “tether” or share its internet connection with other devices. I find this particularly useful for working on the go with my Macbook or with my wifi-only iPad. The official Apple term for this function is Personal Hotspot. Even if you […]

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Taxi! I’ve got an iPhone to repair.

At Platinum Repairs we only employ the best people we can. We don’t employ low-level, under-paid technicians to repair your R3,000 to R8,000 Apple iPhone or iPad. That just wouldn’t make sense. Recently we had an excellent example of why this works for us, as well as for our clients. […]

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