iPhone Help

General help with iPhone issues that users may experience

iPhone 5: Nano Sim Confirmed

We recently received confirmation from our iPhone repair parts supplier that the iPhone 5 is going to use an even smaller sim card – dubbed the Nano Sim. Just when we thought sim cards couldn’t get any smaller, with the micro sim that the iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 1 and […]

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How to Share Your iPhone’s Internet Connection (The proper way)

For many years the iPhone has had the ability to “tether” or share its internet connection with other devices. I find this particularly useful for working on the go with my Macbook or with my wifi-only iPad. The official Apple term for this function is Personal Hotspot. Even if you […]

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Dropped it again? We feel your pain.

It seems that some customers are just not having a great time with their iPhone and it’s shiny glass screen. We fix their cracked iPhone screen and within a few weeks (sometimes even a few days), they call us with the bad news that they have dropped the iPhone again, […]

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Help! My iPhone just died…

An iPhone 4 that died - now booting

Every now and then we get a call from a panicking iPhone owner telling us that their iPhone has simply died and won’t do anything. They rely heavily on their iPhone and don’t know how to survive without it. Thankfully there is a simple solution that works 95% of the […]

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