March 23, 2014

Is The Matrix Taking Over Your iPhone?

This is certainly not something you want to see appearing on your iPhone display:

[NAND]_FindFlashMediaAndKeepout:601 physical nand block offset 1

[NAND] start:356 this 0x90d30400 PROVIDER=090d19f00 flashmedia=0x90d19f00

[NAND] WMR_Start: 149 Apple PPN NAND Driver, Read/Write

[NAND] WMR_Start:174 FTL_Init [OK]

[NAND] WMR_Open:371 VFL_Open [OK]

[NAND] s_cxt_boot:88 sftl: error, unclean shutdown; adopted 7900 spans

[NAND] WMR_Open: 420 FTL_Open [OK]

[NAND] _publishServices:642 FTL capabilities: 0x00000001

[NAND] ppnvflGetStruct:3469 Checking borrowed blocks – count: 25 maxcount: 25

[NAND] _fetchBorrowedList:881 number of borrowed blocks 18

 [NAND ] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout :601 physical nand block offset 1. [NAND ] start :356 this 0x9f538400 PROVIDER=0x9f6b1f00 flashMedia=

Is this The Matrix trying to tell you something?

This an error we have been seeing more often recently. Your iPhone will be working perfectly and then one day it suddenly it reboots and gets stuck showing this code on the screen and will not boot any further. Reloading the software does not help and it will seem as if the phone is at the end of it’s life.

Many people have reported that this error is due to a mainboard fault and that the mainboard will have to be replaced in order to restore the iPhone to a working state. If you hadn’t backed up your data, it would also be lost forever.

Thankfully we have figured out what is causing this issue. The main culprits are a faulty front camera or proximity/light sensor flex cable. These components can be damaged if the phone has suffered repeated small impacts however sometimes they can become faulty for no obvious reason. The cable can also be damaged if you break your screen. It is very rare but we have seen it three times in the past two months. That may sound like a lot of faulty phones but that’s only three out of 253 iPhones repaired in the past two months. That’s a 1.18% failure rate.

iPhone proximity sensor causing code on iPhone screen

The terrorist inside your phone.

The good news is that we can fix your iPhone in under an hour by replacing the offending components. Once repaired, your iPhone will boot into it’s normal working state and you will be relieved to find that all your precious photos, messages and other data are still there, safe and sound.

If you are experiencing this problem on your iPhone and would like it repaired, please contact us and we’ll sort your iPhone out ASAP. We can either send a highly trained (and exceptionally stylish) technician out to your home or office if you are in Johannesburg or Pretoria, or you are welcome to visit our new store in Rivonia and we will repair it while you wait.