War Stories

This is a collection of stories of the most badly damaged iPhones and iPads that we have repaired.

Taxi! I’ve got an iPhone to repair.

At Platinum Repairs we only employ the best people we can. We don’t employ low-level, under-paid technicians to repair your R3,000 to R8,000 Apple iPhone or iPad. That just wouldn’t make sense. Recently we had an excellent example of why this works for us, as well as for our clients. […]

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Apple & Cream... A Recipe for Disaster?

We regularly come across new and exceptional ways that our clients come up with to try kill an iPhone but this story takes the proverbial cake. Our client went on holiday with friends and one night while making some delicious supper, someone opened a pressurized bottle of cream which exploded […]

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New iPad Screen Repair Record – 35 minutes!

We are proud to announce that our head technician, Emwee, just set a new on-site iPad 2  screen/glass repair record for Platinum Repairs. This Wednesday, our record-breaking technician went out to our client’s office park in Craighall to repair the cracked iPad 2 screen. The screen was badly smashed and this made […]

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